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Islam Channel is pleased to announce the first day of Ramadhan is Thursday 18th June 2015.
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Fajr 2:57 AM
Sun Rise 4:53 AM
Dhuhr 1:11 PM
Asr 5:26 PM
Maghrib 9:21 PM
Eshaa 10:52 PM
Dua of the Day
Thumma khalaqna alnnutfata AAalaqatan fakhalaqna alAAalaqata mudghatan fakhalaqna almudghata AAithaman fakasawna alAAithama lahman thumma anshanahu khalqan akhara fatabaraka Allahu ahsanu alkhaliqeena

Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a (foetus) lump; then we made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the best to create!

Surah Al-Mumenoon, The Believers, Ayah 14

Narrated Abu Salama bin 'Abdur Rahman:

that he asked 'Aisha "How was the prayer of Allah's Apostle in Ramadan?" She replied, "He did not pray more than eleven Rakat in Ramadan or in any other month. He used to pray four Rakat ---- let alone their beauty and length----and then he would pray four ----let alone their beauty and length ----and then he would pray three Rakat (Witr)." She added, "I asked, 'O Allah's Apostle! Do you sleep before praying the Witr?' He replied, 'O 'Aisha! My eyes sleep but my heart does not sleep."

(Sahih Bukhari, Book 32, Number 230)

When looking into the mirror

O Allah you have beautified my body so too beautify my character.

Give of charity frequently, even if it is just a smile.

Barzakh :

Literally means partition or barrier. In Islamic terminology it usually means the life in the grave, because the life in the grave is the interspace between the life on earth and the life in the Hereafter. It is during our life in the Barzakh that we will be asked about Allah, our faith and the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.). We will also be shown the Jannah (the Heavens) and the Nar (the Hell) and which of these two places we will occupy after we are judged.


The Creator

He who creates everything from nothing and creates all things with the knowledge of what will happen to them.

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